Final Wiring and Assembly

Here we have it. The four foot switches have been bolted into place. The circular portion on the graphics gives a nice touch. It almost looks professional!

Here's the reverse side. The thickness of the switches is less than that of the metal squares, and we would like the switch base to be well supported. We need to add some material to pad the switches. Some 1/16" thick MDF (not shown in this photo) does the job.

Add a Firm Base

Here I have screwed on a 3/4" plywood base. This provides a firm base, while at the same time tying the whole thing firmly together. Unfortunately the nuts for the switch bolts are not below the surface, so I had to cut some holes in the plywood. This is ugly, but it doesn't impact function, and it makes the switches easy to remove if I need to service them.

Let's Boogie!

We're ready for dancin'. I've left a space on the plywood base for the installation of a back plate, to be made with metal covered wood in the same manner as the squares. Performance is quite good. Light foot pressure will trigger the switches. The switches are quite robust, withstanding 200lb of me jumping on them for several hours. How does it compare to the arcade versions? Hard to tell- I'm a beginner at DDR and at this point I would be a poor workmen blaming his tools if I said the pad was limiting my ability to bust-a-move.

Future Work/Ideas