Build Your Own DDR Dance Pad

Welcome to The Revolution comrades! The Dance Dance Revolution! I used to think that DDR was just a type of computer memory, and then I saw those layabout punks down at the local video arcade. This time they weren't just numbing there brains shooting at pixelated alien invaders, they were actually moving more than their thumbs! Some of them were pretty good at it too. Of course I'm too shy to get up there and strut my stuff what with the gammy leg I got in the war, so I had to work out a way to practice in private. Once I was good at it I could head back to the arcade and wipe the floor with those snotty faced mall brats!

But what to do? The cheap foam pads won't give you the arcade feel you need. The only thing for it is to head out into the garage and roll your own! I've been greatly helped in this quest by the pioneers who have gone before me- most notably Mr. DDR Homepad, whose ideas I have ripped off mercilessly. I guess I should also thank the fine folks at Konami who invented the game, own the tradmark of DDR, and might sue my sorry bee-hind if I don't mention them. That out of the way, read on to build your own DDR Dance Pad!